Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so..."

For at least a month, maybe more, I've been inundated with comments under the Miss Lake Festival Results post, written in Asian characters. I moderate my comments and have not published them because I have no idea what they say! I assume it's spam, but Celina does have a Japanese exchange program...? And if it's spam, why is it exclusively on that post? I've pasted some of the comments into a free online translator and tried several languages, but nothing translates. Needless to say, it's so annoying! Worst of all, I end up with that 80s tune by The Vapors stuck in my head! :) "I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so..."

Can anyone read the examples below? Have any fellow bloggers been getting anything similar? Help!






  1. wordmonkey translator gave me this....

    Virginity is like robbing the women, for men "first experience" that only once in a lifetime, I have to inscribe in mind that the supreme pleasure of a special event together. Why do not you love the best of women and such a virginity

    Autumn is the season of the graduating class of cherry virginity. And while waiting to meet you and the tingle I want a virgin women. Celebrities such devoted their virginity, or even care What is your happy life

    Bulletin board, magazines and TV away from home has recently been introduced has been a runaway girl wrote a number of messages that stay the walk and manga cafes nationwide. They are going to play as soon as the men he met at the bulletin board at the house I have no money. Why even write you back an answer

    Webmaster updated copy have gone out to celebrate beauty salon. Why do not you, but I'm happy with it? I keep waiting and put it Messe mail

  2. Wow, that's the most poetic spam I've ever read. lol!

    I think I'm going to change the posts title and see if that stops it.



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