Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Defining the "Service" and "Style" Points of the Crown!

I am so glad Megan posted the picture below on HER BLOG, of former Miss Virginia, Tara Wheeler:

I hope you recall, Tara made great efforts during her reign to raise money for cancer research, with the promise of shaving her head. Since she didn't reach her goal she was contractually not allowed to do so until her year as Miss Virginia was over. But as you see, after crowning her successor she busted out the clippers!

I think she's actually more beautiful now! Fans were never satisfied with Tara's hair before and now that it's gone I think you can really see how facially stunning she is; it makes me think of former contestants, Emily Fitzpatrick's post-pageant cut:


  1. It's too bad the Virginia people couldn't have seen the value of this type of PR for the program while she was still the titleholder.

  2. I agree that she actually looks more attractive now! You are absolutely correct- without the hair, you can really see "her". She looks lovely.

  3. The coolest part about it is that her employer, comcast sportsnet, loved the idea and and is letting her appear all over their show! She was on just after the buzz and is the redskins fan reporter. So, goes to show that Miss America girls DO live our their dreams post-pageant!

    Maria, the decision to make her goal so high was half Miss America org, too. I think VA and Miss America has gotten great press out of this!


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