Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miss Ohio USA Top 15

It sounds as though they're running the Miss and Teen pageants simotaniously, which makes sense with such low numbers.
Huge thanks to former contestant, Vanja Djuric, for posting the Miss Top 15 on Facebook:

Gallipolis, Leanne Craft
Southwest Ohio, Angelique Verbarg
Westlake, Allisa Reitmeier
Gallia County, Megan Wise
Hamilton County, Drew Lagergren
St. Bernard, Amanda Tempel
Lake Erie, Lindsay Davis
Garretsville, Nicole Boyer
Hilliard, Brittany Haddock
Scotio County, Allie Wagner
Central Ohio, Alexis Semach
Ohio River, Ashley Caldwell
Richmond, Aleah Oelmann
Clayton, Adrielle Lassalle
Jackson, Sarah Newkirk

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