Monday, September 24, 2007

2008 Miss America Line-up

I didn’t get to watch the live online lottery tonight because I was teaching a youth theatre class at Starbound, but I read that Roberta was the 13th contestant to pick her number. She selected #14, which is fourth from last in the second flight. She is right behind Miss Virgin Islands who is a jazz dancer; that is awesome placement because she's after two non-vocalists and I hate to be mean, but Miss Virgin Islands is never a very strong contestant.

Roberta’s flight will have Monday afternoon Interviews, Talent Tuesday, Onstage Question Wednesday and Swimsuit and Evening Gown on Thursday. Note, Miss America has gone back to having all the private Interviews before the onstage competition.

Alaska had the 11th pick and selected #1 in Roberta’s flight, I call that crazy, but that’s just me… North Dakota, Georgia, South Carolina, Maine and Iowa had already put themselves in Roberta’s flight prior to her turn. Florida and Nevada were the last two ladies to choose.

to see the complete lineup.

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