Friday, September 14, 2007

Triple Crown?

I spoke with my former directors yesterday, the wonderful Eric and Linda Wagener of Miss Maumee Valley and Miss All*American City.

They have an impressive new sponsor and could financially offer a Triple Crown pageant! Yes, you read correctly, one pageant could culminate with three new Miss titleholders!

I say could because something is missing… The money is there, but the contestants are not. I believe the minimum number of contestants required to give three crowns is fifteen. Understandably, Wagener’s can not wait until the last minute to know how many crowns they are offering, so APPLY TODAY!

Obviously the new CMN donation requirement is reducing the number of local contestants and it’s been suggested it’s also why women are only applying for one pageant at a time. Even though Miss Maumee Valley/Miss All*American City/ Miss ??? is not until November 4, I urge contestants to enter early; you could have a one in five chance at a crown!


  1. This is great news! Eric and Linda mentioned it to me at the Miss Ohio parade. But right now, I'm struggling to raise the money for Miss Clayland. From the fundraising look of it, after Clayland I may do one in the spring. It's hard to raise $100 each time. Maumee was a lot of fun last year.

  2. We need to see what ideas we can give for fundraising for these girls. This is getting tragic.

  3. Hey Amy,

    I feel so badly for contestants now. :( I completely understand how difficult it is to raise money, and $100 a pageant really adds up.

    I know this is easier said than done, but have any of you [contestants] considered getting together to hold a larger fundraiser? It would take a lot of organizing, but I have to believe if multiple women would work toward the common goal, you would all come out with more money.

    Oh, here’s an idea!!!… Contestants should hold bake sales/ concession stands during the intermission of local pageants… It seems to me that James is the only E.D. who tries to sell food at his pageants, so I can’t imagine most E.D.s would object. Contestant’s family, or friends, (or me) could run the bake sale for you before the pageant and during the intermission. Then you could divide the money among the women who brought food, and even go so far as dividing the percentages based on who brought more, or whose food sold most…

    Just an idea, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. :)


  4. Hey Carrie,

    It looks like we were typing and thinking the same thing at the same time.. As soon as I published my own comment, there was yours waiting to be approved!

    You're right, this is a serious problem, and I have a feeling Ohio locals will begin dropping before the end of this pageant season. Did you see below, Greg said he only had one contestant for his double crown pageant, and the deadline is today!!! It’s awful.

    Greg also mentioned the rumor that Miss America is allowing states to “cap” the donations at four pageants. I had already emailed the MOSP to find out about that and a few other aspects of the CMN requirement. Hopefully I’ll have some straight answers to pass along soon.

    Cap or no cap, contestants do need help raising the money… Ideas anyone???



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