Thursday, September 20, 2007

Miss Michigan USA, Anyone?

This Saturday is Miss Michigan USA, held in Port Huron. I’d really like to go, but it’s a pretty long drive to make by myself, and unlike a Miss Ohio local, I won’t know anyone when I get there. :( Port Huron is northeast of Detroit, and just over 2 hours from Toledo. The pageant begins at 8:30 and tickets are $25 to $35.

Let me know if anyone wants to go!


  1. Abby,

    I would have loved to gone with you if I had known sooner. Maybe next time, and if you are down here for any of the locals near us I hope you stop in and visit.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    A few options have opened up and hopefully I'll be going to Miss MI USA. Thanks for the invite; the same definitely goes to you and Erin if ever you're in the Toledo area. :)


  3. Abby,

    Who won the teen pageant? Top 5?


  4. Hi Chris, I only attended the Miss pageant, but I did find the results of the Teen. The winner chatted briefly with the hosts during the Miss show and she is a very tall red head.

    I found it very interesting that even though the USA system doesn't push community service through a "platform" like MAO, the Teen talked about using her year to raise awareness for teen osteoporosis (because she suffers from it). Then, in the Top 5 Onstage Questions, the Miss winner talked about loosing her mother to cancer.

    Just thought that was interesting... Anyway, the Teen finalists were:

    Great Lakes- Hilary Alcala
    Portage- Jessica Belknap
    SouthEast- Chelsea Dominski-- 3rd runner up
    Linwood-Cameron Learman-- 1st runner up
    St. Clair- Hayley Eisenhardt
    Traverse City- Amanda Wheatley
    Greater Detroit- Ashley Burgess
    West Bloomfield- Lauren Williams
    Macomb County- Danielle Goike
    Davison- Sarah Brown
    Little Bay De Noc- Cassey Hayes-- 4th runner up
    Muskegon- Renee Andrews
    Clarkston- Elizabeth Hawthorne-- Miss Michigan Teen USA
    Anchor Bay- Vera Morenski-- 2nd runner up
    Mocomb- Angelica Barich-Kwolek

  5. Hey, The Teen winner does not suffer from it....


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