Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mrs. America Results

Well, I thought Mrs. America co-hosts Alan Thick and Omarosa Stallworth were bizarre, but they’re nothing compared to the way the finals of this pageant were conducted! The following information came from an email supposedly sent out by Mrs. Kentucky.

The following states were called to the Top 10: Kentucky, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Maryland, Louisiana, New Mexico, Montana and ???

Five additional contestants were added because they scored well in the pre-pageant challenges, diapering changing, golf, scavenger hunt, tennis, and a horseshoe toss. They were Utah, Vermont, District of Columbia, Tennessee and ???. Note, Mrs. Tennessee didn’t actually compete in these challenges because she was bitten at a rattlesnake at the resort, but was given courtesy points. I don’t know why Mrs. Kentucky included “???” instead of names; South Carolina and Alabama are names also floating around the internet as part of the finals.

Mrs. Kentucky said that because of a tie all fifteen women competed in Swimsuit. Then, in a very American Idol-like way, they divided the fifteen women into three groups of five and eliminated a whole group! The Top 10 competed in Evening Gown, although I’m not exactly sure who that was.

The Top 5 were Nebraska, Tennessee, Wyoming, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

But then a sixth contestant was added! The remaining 40 contestants voted who to “bring back.” Mrs. California was the lucky winner.

The final pageant results were:

Fifth Runner-up - California
Fourth Runner-up - New Mexico
Third Runner-up - Oklahoma
Second Runner-up - Nebraska
First Runner-up - Tennessee

Mrs. America - Wyoming

Best State Costume – Louisiana
Most Photogenic – Illinois
Mrs. Congeniality - Vermont

*These results have been edited; I originally had the Second and Third Runners-up switched. 9/7/07 1 p.m.

So let’s review, Mrs. Tennessee somehow became First Runner-up even though she didn’t make the judges Top 10 and didn’t compete in the silly bonus challenges that formed the Top 15 and Mrs. California gets Top 6 billing even though she didn't compete in the finals at all! I would be one unhappy pageant diva if I were a contestant in this crazy production! I'm also very curious if the ladies were told about the extra challenges in order to practice...

If you get the WE network you can watch the whole bizarre mess on September 22. I guess the good thing is the winner, Mrs. Wyoming, Kelly McBee seems to have won by normal pageant means.

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