Saturday, September 29, 2007

“Emergency” Pageant Poll: Low Contestant Numbers

Despite decent numbers in early pageants, in the past few days I have heard and read that Miss Ohio locals are now barely getting enough contestants to operate (not that we didn't already know this was the case)! North East Ohio has only five women with CMN pages, Clayland has only 7 women; Portsmouth/Scioto Valley had to extend their deadline and Maumee Valley/ All*American City has few applications. I think we all know the answer “why,” but here are polls to see if we’re right… Special thanks to Laura for help with this poll! Email me if you have a poll idea.

SCROLL BELOW FOR A SECOND POLL AND VOTE ONLY IN THE ONE THAT APPLIES TO YOU! Either you are a current contestants, or "everyone else."


  1. Nancy Mabrey/Recruiter-MWCOSPSeptember 29, 2007 at 2:26:00 PM EDT

    Hi Abby,
    Perhaps on the polls there should be a category for 'Pageant located too far to travel.' Some contestants move throughout the state but for others, traveling that far is not an option, not only with the time involved but also considering the price of gasoline.
    I have e-mailed two directors some names of potential contestants for their pageants. I hope it helps them to fill their rosters. I did the same thing for Ronda Morris and she e-mailed that it helped.If everyone would help each other, I think it would be easier for us to recruit. After all, the more experience these contestants have, they better they'll be when they come back to us! Dealing with the $100 CMN donation is another matter! Don't get me started!!!
    Thank you greatly for this website.

  2. Thanks Nancy, that's a great suggestion; I will add it.


  3. I just wanted to make a comment on the response about traveling to far.......I always take a personal offense to this statement.....I have always realized our local is geographically on one end of the state but when you are competing at a local you are ultimately trying to be Miss Ohio, thus if you are willing to travel around the state as Miss Ohio then you should be willing to travel to compete for a local title. I am wanting to start a debate...just venting a little pet peeve of mine as well as venting frustration over our low numbers in contestants this year.

    Greg Davis
    Portsmouth / Scioto Valley

  4. Hey Greg,

    I can’t imagine how frustrating this contestant draught must be for E.D.s. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised that North East Ohio has 10 contestants, while you and Waganers are both offering two crowns and struggling. Perhaps the reason is that you’re both in extreme corners of the state. I mean no offense to Ann and Ken, but you’d think double crowns would be a huge draw and offset the travel!

    You raise a really good point… The best contestants are the ones already working their platforms and already walking the walk and talking the talk as if she’s ALREADY Miss Ohio…


  5. Sorry about that last post....I meant to say that I was NOT wanting to start a debate.....but here we are on Oct 2 and I have 1 application packet in hand - According to the CMN website I have 5 contestants "potentially signed up, but the packet I have is not from one of those five listed....anyway it has been very frustrating to say the least......So, for anyone who reads Abby's blog I have six days to come up with at least 8 (I thought it was 10, but I was told only 8 to have two winners crowned in the Miss section) contestants in order to give away two titles in the Miss Program and 6 contestants to give two titles in the Teen Program.

    Greg Davis
    Executive Director
    Miss Portsmouth/Miss Scioto Valley
    Miss Portsmouth Outstanding Teen
    Miss Scioto Valley Outstanding Teen

  6. I feel bad for both the Wagners and Greg. These are both great locals which I'd love to do, but raising $100 is extremely hard. The most annoying thing for me is if I could just raise that $100 I would be at the $400 cap for the season and could compete in as many locals as
    I want.


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