Saturday, September 8, 2007

Photo Alert!

The Miss America website has finally updated the "Class of 2008." Unfortunately Roberta is one of a handful of state titleholders’ whose picture is not showing up yet. You can check out most of the other ladies headshots and short bios HERE.

As I looked thought the pictures that are up on the website, I found myself thinking “Are you kidding? That’s the picture you sent in your quest to become MISS AMERICA!?!” I feel badly picking pictures apart because I completely understand how hard it can be. Believe me I do; a few months ago I had theatrical headshots taken and I hate them. But this is their one chance to be Miss America and sadly the pictures either look amateur, or overair brushed and devoid of personality.

I did really like the following:

Indiana and Tennessee were very dramatic in a different and non-pageant-like way that I really like. Washington and Oregon both said “fresh and fun” to me. Nebraska and South Carolina both have an “IT” factor in every picture I see of them. Finally, despite what you thought of the ones that were on Facebook, there’s no denying New Jersey takes a good picture!

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