Saturday, September 15, 2007

From Miss to Mrs.: Congrats Erin and Tim!

The beautiful Erin Jeffery competed at Miss Ohio as Miss North Coast, Miss Ohio Valley and Miss Maple City; at Miss Ohio USA she placed in the Top 5 in 2005 and Top 15 in 2006. Last weekend she traded her pageant crown for a bridal tiara, marrying long time boyfriend, Tim Rathman! Congrats to Erin and Tim! I wish I could have attended the Cincinnati-area wedding, but unfortunately my beau, Loren, gets limited Saturdays off work. Thankfully Erin’s mom, Jenny, shared the pictures below with me (click most to enlarge):

They always say you'll meet your bridesmaids by competing in pageants... can you name these ladies?

Above on the left is Kyrsten Chambers, Miss West Central Ohio 2006;
on the right Laura Estrada, Miss Greater Cleveland 2006.


  1. Erin looks great! What is she doing these days?

  2. I'm really not sure... I know Jenny is one of my readers, so perhaps she'll leave an answer.


  3. Hey Abby,

    Thanks for posting Erin and
    Tim's wedding photos. She looked incredible, but I am her mom so I don't count. Anyway, Erin and Tim are living in Fairfield a suburb of Cincinnati. Tim works for local bank and Erin is working at Dillards. She is looking at grad schools and trying to find a job in the political arena. She graduated in June from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Political Rhetoric. If you want to see the wedding photos go to and follow the links. I know she misses her pageant family and friends so look her up and say HI.

  4. Wow - those pictures are beautiful! That looks like it was a very expensive, lovely wedding! Kudos to the Jeffery Family for pulling off such a wonderful event. Looks they have a lot of memories.


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