Monday, September 10, 2007

Fall Application Deadlines

Deadline - Pageant name (Pageant date)

September 15- Miss North East Ohio (October 7)
September 15- Miss Clayland (October 13)
October 1- Miss Portsmouth/Miss Scioto Valley (October 27)
October 22- Miss Maumee Valley/ Miss All American City (November 4)
NO DATE- Miss Northwestern Ohio (November 10)
December 31- Miss Maple City (February 2)

Contestants, I completely understand how much of a huge pain pageant paperwork is! Trust me, I do. On the other hand, it's important for you to understand how difficult it is for E.D.s to plan their program, create judges books, program books and scripts when contestants apply at the last minute. I'm sure Terri Tinsman (Miss Ohio's business manager) and a few local E.D.s are chuckling right now because I was always late. Always! I knew that made me look bad and it lowered my self-confidence.

Save yourself the embarrassment and multiple days of paperwork woes and make a day of filling it out and sending it in to multiple programs. I always hated the annoying cost of postage and having to let go of several copies of headshots and talent c.d.s, but honestly, with the accessibility of computers, the photos and c.d.s aren’t that big of a deal. This may sound weird, but I think it would actually be easier to spend $20 or $25 at the post office once instead of making several head-ache causing, time consuming trips that cost $3 or $4 each.

Also, you may think applying to multiple programs makes you seem less confident in your ability to capture the crown; but I guarantee the attributes of organization and preparedness win out in this circumstance. You will be a well-liked contestant by E.D.s and committee members; you’re not more or less likely to win based on when you send your paperwork in, but a warm reception by the people running the pageant sure is nice, as opposed to being the girl that made their job harder!


  1. I think the reasoning most contestants aren't applying to multiple pageants at once and in some cases, waiting until the last minute might have more to do with the CMN requirement rather than the contestants' lack of organization or time management. It doesn't seem so easy to raise that $100 for each and every local this day and age, especially the ones that are so close together, while still balancing a job, a full courseload at school, community service projects, and some sort of social life. I really feel this requirement has put an undue burden on both the local ED and the local contestant, not to mention the effect of vanishing numbers of potential contestants.

  2. Maria, that’s a really great point.

    I’m glad there wasn’t a CMN requirement when I was a contestant! I feel badly for the contestants; fundraising was always my least favorite thing to do, but nor could I have financed these fees myself. You're right... it's the straw that's breaking the backs of the contestants.

    I wonder though, would E.D.s rather have a woman sign up, and then have to back-out if they couldn’t come up with the money? It seems it would be easier for E.D.s to remove a contestant rather than throwing things together at the last minute… That also brings up the question, does inability to raise CMN funds count as a “strike” against a contestant, per the two (or is it three?) no-shows and you can’t compete for a year rule?

    Anyway, I completely agree, the CMN requirement is only hurting the program.


  3. Eric & Linda WagenerSeptember 11, 2007 at 4:44:00 PM EDT


    I got a little chuckle from your comment! Linda & I remember the fantastic swimsuit that arrived for state competition after you were in your host home...and we all got to see it for the first time the night before competition began! I agree with all your comments and Maria's as well, the CMN requirement has hit every pageant in every state. We have one Miss and one Teen contestant for MMV at this time! And we were actually going to offer "3" Miss Crowns this year and the $$$$ has already been promised...but the contestants are not out there. Judged a Miss Michigan Prelim a few weeks ago and the were down to 6 girls from a dozen the year before, and the average was usually higher!

    Give us a call, please!

    Eric & Linda

  4. Hi Eric and Linda!

    I am SO sorry I haven’t called you back. :( I’m not a “phone person” anyway, but you always seem to call when I don’t have it on me, or can’t answer. I used to do a lot of my calling while I drove, but since my accident I’ve been extra cautious while behind the wheel. Today (Wednesday) I have an ADA Golf Outing for FOX Toledo from 10 to 3, but I’ll try to give you a call afterwards.

    Congrats on getting approved for the third crown! That's really exciting!… I thought that was going to be a big secret? Hopefully the contestants apply in order to make that happen!

    Talk to you soon… I promise!


  5. I am in the same boat as Eric and it is September 14 and I do not have one single contestant and I have two crowns in both Miss and Teen - I heard Texas is implementing a cap on the local CMN requirements (400.00 or rather four locals) - not sure if there is any truth to this, but I do know having been to the National Outstanding Teen program in Orlando the ED from Texas wanted Miss America to do away with local contestants paying CMN fees. Her compromise was to increase the state contestants to 500.00 and the national contestants to 1000.00 - The whole CMN donation aspect has killed our advertising tool of encouraging potential contestants to enter because there was no charge in the past.

    Greg Davis
    Miss Portsmouth/Miss Scioto Valley

  6. Hey Greg,

    I truly hope your mail box is overflowing with applications today! If that’s not the case, be sure to let me know what your extended deadline is and I’ll post it here…

    At the beginning of the season I was hopeful because it didn’t seem the CMN donation was effecting Ohio too badly, but now it’s obviously catching up with the contestants. I emailed the MOSP (prior to your comment) to find out if they’re implementing a similar cap.

    This partnership is devastating the program, but if we have to have it, I think the Texas E.D. has the right idea; it would be much easier for state and national contestants to raise a little more.

    Hang in there and good luck!



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