Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pageant Poll of the Week: Pageant Experience and Professional Resumes

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I have been on the job hunt for the past couple weeks, as my position as the Face of FOX Toledo is pretty much over. For the past month I have helped acclimate the new Face, but today was my last time in the studio filming commercials and my last event is October 6th.

Ironically, there has been some recent discussion on pageant message boards about whether or not to include your pageant experience on a resume. This is a topic that comes up every now and again; this time someone was reporting that a former Miss State USA was not including her title on her medical school application due to the pageant’s bad press. I have included my Miss Ohio accomplishments on the resumes I’ve given out; it’s the very last line on the page under “Other Experience.”

Given the recent negativity around pageants, do you still or would you include you crown conquests on a professional resume? (Direct link)

I have discovered that only I can see what someone writes under "other" when I log into my PollDaddy account. I had hoped everyone could see it, or that it would even become a new voting option. Instead I will update this post to include the "other" comments. So far:

"yes, but only a few things"

I totally agree; the last line of my resume simply reads "Miss America Scholarship Program: Five time Miss Ohio contestants, Rosalie McAtee Interview Award and Top 10 Semifinalist."

If anyone who voted "NO" would be willing to leave a comment (which can be anonymous) explaining your stance I think that would be helpful to contestants and formers struggling with this difficult decision.


  1. Hey Abby - It's Pam. I voted "No" - I have found that it is not beneficial to add to my resume as a marketing professional. I do, however, discussion my past pageant experiences during interviews (if applicable). I would advise not adding pageant experience on a business major resume but I would add it if I was trying to get a modeling or acting job. Hope that makes sense! Hope you are also all recovered now and will hopefully be going back to NY soon to do more auditions!

  2. Abby,
    I am a business major as well and although haven't placed, have a lot of experience at the local level. I always keep my involvement in MAO on my resumes. It intrigues interviewers and I get a chance to discuss how my pageant life prepares me for my business life...aka interviewing, social skills, volunteerism, public speaking, confidence...all of which are pertinent in our profession. I have only had positive feedback on my involvement in the system and I think that it makes me stand-out as an applicant. I voted 'yes'!

  3. Hey Ladies,

    Thanks for your feedback. You both make really great points, which is what makes it so hard! There's really no way to know what perception of pageantry your interviewer will have.

    Pam, your statement did make total sense; there are some occupations that are more likely to see it as a positive. Great to hear from you! I am healed and back to normal :) I hope you're doing well too.


  4. Abby,

    I voted no as well, as it is not relevant to most career fields. I'd rather refer to public speaking and interviewing skills and then share (in person, in a live interview) what those experiences were, both collegiate and pageant-related.

    There is a stigma surrounding pageant participating whether we like it or not. A professional interview room is not the place to be put on the defense--you are there to discuss a position and see if you are the correct fit for it.

    If any resume item is not 100% relevant to the job you are applying for, it usually should be omitted. I'm sure there are some career fields where pageant participation is relevant (on-camera work in news, acting, or modeling) but for most of us, it's just resume clutter.

    Meghan M-O


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