Monday, February 4, 2008

Breaking Pageant News: Miss Ohio is without a photographer

Like many of you, I recently noticed that Paul’s Miss Ohio News website is down. I hadn’t really communicated with him since the fall locals, so rather than speculating and starting rumors, I emailed him a couple days ago and heard back this morning.

Due to business differences and deficient communication Paul Krajnyak has unfortunately resigned as Miss Ohio’s official photographer.

Paul has been very generous with his time and services and was even trying to improve the official Miss Ohio website. Most of the people in this organization are volunteers, but photography is a profession and though he gave it two tries, a sensible agreement and successful working relationship could not be established. Again, Paul will be missed.

Some Miss Ohio fans noticed that Roberta changed her Miss America photo, and did not use the one Paul had taken; there was speculation that this impacted his decision. That was not at all the case! Paul was involved in the program for the right reasons, and would never stand in the way of a contestant doing what she thought was best. Roberta called Paul directly to get his blessing on the issue; he completely understood that she was taking the advice given to her on TLC’s reality show. To prove the point- Miss Ohio Melanie Murphy did not use everything Paul provided for her either; that did not influence his continued involvement in the program. He even photographed Mel’s wedding last month.

I hate that this is the news I am breaking, because Paul is a wonderful photographer and great person. Nonetheless, I’m glad this blog can serve as a place to put the rumors to rest.


  1. Does Paul have a website for his photography business? I'd like to use him in the future. Thanks!

  2. Abby - please don't compare Melanie and Roberta. It's like comparing apples and oranges. FYI - Melanie DID use all of Paul's pictures for Miss America.

  3. You’re right- every Miss Ohio is different – each has their strengths and weaknesses - just like every single one of us.

    As for Paul, I didn’t say Melanie didn’t use his photos, but she did not use all his services.


  4. This is such sad news...I loved Paul's competition photos!


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