Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today on Dr. Phil: Still Chasing the Crown

Below is the synopsis from the Dr. Phil show website.
Also, check out the website for a message board about the episode; responses from the promos are already pretty negative!

Little girls often dream of becoming Miss America, but sometimes these dreams don't end when they become adults. Dr. Phil's guests are mothers and wives who have an insatiable taste for the tiara. Angela has competed in five pageants and doesn't want to stop until she wins the big one. Her husband is sick and tired of the biz and says his wife is so obsessed with it, she wouldn't even let signs of a heart attack stop her from taking the stage! Angela says she only competes to support her charity, but her husband is not convinced. Then, Karen is a mother and wife who admits she is obsessed with winning and has competed in over 20 pageants. She's even skipped making two mortgage payments so she would have money for a pageant gown. And, Christi appeared on Dr. Phil a few years ago and was determined to become famous as an actress. She has now turned her acting dream into pageant pursuits. Christi is eight months pregnant with her seventh child, and her husband wants to know if he's being selfish by asking her to hang up her pageant heels to focus on the family. Plus, other queens get a chance to ask Dr. Phil their questions.


  1. Oh, goodie. Another Dr. Phil show where he rips apart everyone there for leading a bad life and manages to uncover their "issues" in under an hour. He's done this before with kiddie pageants, I think he loves to tell people how to live their lives.

    I can't stand Dr. Phil and don't see this episode going well!

  2. Laura, I know what you mean!

    My boyfriend also HATES Dr. Phil... I'm waiting for a text message from him when he checks out my blog today... lol!



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