Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Conclusion of Christie’s Moment of Truth

Last week pageant contestant Christie Youssef was on FOX’s new game show, The Moment of Truth. (Click here for that blog entry.) I didn’t watch her conclusion live this past Wednesday, but I DVRed it. If you missed it too, here’s what happened:

The first show ended with this cliffhanger, asked by Miss California 2006 Jacquelynne Fontaine: Have you ever tried to sabbatoge another pageant contestant? “No, I would never sabotage anyone in regards to a competition.”

Then Miss California joined Christie’s family on the couch and seemed to know her sister; they hugged.

Have you ever secretly been attracted to one of your sister’s boyfriends? Yes.

She won $25,000 for that question; I don’t understand why they made that seem like it was a big deal. If I were her sister I’d hope she’d say yes, otherwise what would that say about the quality of the guys!?

Okay Ohio pageant fans- when Christie won Miss Portsmouth here in Ohio some fans questioned her eligibility, since it’s well know she is from California. Last week’s episode mentioned her residence in California. This episode just touched on her working for her father, which is known to be here in Ohio.

Do you believe your father has used money to control you? Yes.

Do you blame your father for tearing your family apart? Yes.

At this point, Christie talks about being an “old fashion girl” with conservative values; she looks for a man with strong Christian values. I couldn’t help but think, no wonder she does well in pageants! Those of us with liberal values often feel most of the judges are conservative, but I know conservative women feel just the opposite. The grass is always greener… right?

Are you still in love with your ex fiancé? WAIT! They just showed her fiddling with a ring! Perhaps the indention was to make people think she was still wearing her engagement ring, but it’s on her first finger and it looks like a crown ring. Anyway, she truthfully answered “I am, I am still in love with him.”

Former Miss California Jacquelynne Fontaine and Christie’s family encouraged her to answer on more question in order to win $100,000. Jacquelynne said, “Do it Christie, then med school is paid for; you’re an honest woman.”

The host went back to pageantry for a moment and Christie said, “It takes a lot of focus and dedication and effort so it’s - there’s definitely that beauty aspect of it no matter how much scholarship money you can win.”

Have you ever forced yourself to throw-up after eating to avoid gaining weight? Christie’s sister suddenly pushed the “do not answer button,” saying “some issue I think just shouldn’t even be touched and I think that’s one of them!”

At this point her mom wanted her to stop, but Christie continued with a different question to win the hundred grand.

As an adult have you ever taken a nude picture of yourself? Of course there was a dramatic commercial break… haha FOX, I have DVR… fast-forward! Christie’s conservative values held up, she truthfully said, “No, I haven’t.”

She won $100,000!

Again, her mom encouraged her to stop and take the money instead of answering three more to get to $200,000.

And she plays it safe and walks away with double the money of Miss America!

Just for fun, the host told her what the next question would have been: “Have you ever felt trapped by your mother trying to control your life?... The same mother who told you to stop and take the money!” Of course, they all erupt in laughter! She answered “no” but the ominous game show voice said it was false, a lie. It didn’t matter, already won the money!

Watch for yourself:

Congrats to Christie!

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  1. I don't know Christie but was impressed with her and her values. I was surprised at first by that answer that was said to be false, and I started wondering about the time she took the polygraph. At the time, she may have thought of an instance that seemed like her mom was controlling or she may have sighed, taken a deeper breath or something. You never know. I did think she was a little "giddy", similar to Tiffany Haas, but I like her and was very pleasantly surprised at her answers! :)


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