Friday, February 1, 2008

Robin Meade: Her last blog about Miss America

Did you read Robin Meade's last blog entry about Miss America, posted January 28th? It's oh so funny, but sadly not surprising:

i got in later than expected from my flight from vegas…so it won’t be my elmer fudd voice acting as your alarm clock this morning. before i finally hit the hay - i had to give you a’round up’ from the experience of judging miss america for the last week.

first off - were you happy with the winner? miss michigan kirsten haglund is the new miss america. get this - her grandmother was miss michigan back in the day, too. and she was there to see her granddaughter win the whole thing!


at the airport in vegas, i got the feeling the judge is viewed as the “bad guy” post-pageant.
don’t get me wrong –the contestants are supportive of eachother — i ran into two at the airport. but honey …some of the people surrounding the contestants looked like real sour pusses, and couldn’t be bothered to hide it. then, on the plane, tim ended up by some folks headed home after supporting a southern contestant. when he revealed his wife was a judge and then pointed me out… you should have seen the daggers! come on ….there can only be one winner!

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  1. Isn't that last part sad? Yes, there can only be one Miss America but all the contestants are winners! Geesh people...put the claws and daggers back in!!!


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