Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Miss Maple City Pictures

Miss Maple City
Heather Wells.

Awaiting the results, left to right: Jillian Dansko, April O'Brien, Brittney Riordan, Katie Wolford and Marisa Buchheit.

Awaiting the results, left to right: Amanda Culp, Heather Wells, Sasha Eby, Emily Pheils, Ashley Hartman and Amy Allen.

Former contestant Allie Krucek, Former Miss Maple City and emcee, Kim Baker Canary and Former Miss All*American City Lauren Hogan.

Former contestant Allie Krucek, Former Miss AAC Lauren Hogan and contestant Amy Allen.

Being Miss Maple City!

Being Miss Ohio!

Miss Scioto Valley Megan Wombacker and Former Miss AAC Lauren Hogan pose for a picture, while contestant Brittney Riordan signs an autograph.

Former Miss Ohio Marlia Fontaine and I.

Former Miss Maple City's, emcee Kim Baker Canary
and judge, Amber Stafford.

Miss Maple City Heather Wells and Former Miss AAC Lauren Hogan.

Former Miss AAC Lauren Hogan, me, Former Miss Maple City Erin Jeffery Rathman and contestant, Emily Pheils.

Entertainment for the evening included:

Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp,

former Miss Maple City, Erin Jeffery Rathman,

and this young lady who should definately be recruited as a contestant!


  1. Hey Abby,

    Sorry I did not get a chance to talk to you but you looked amazing. Hope to see you again soon. I liked your hat and wanted to tell you that I thought of your talent when the one contestant started to sing. Have a great week.


  2. Thanks Jenny!

    I know what you mean- it's so chaotic after a pageant! I overheard you telling someone that you're trying to get Erin to do Vicki's Mrs. pageant though. You're right, she should!


  3. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for your ongoing support of all our Miss Ohio locals...thanks especially for the great pictures from Miss Maple City. As for Karen Opper...I went to school with her mother, caught them both after the show and made it a point to inform both that there were several directors (including Dolly) who want Karen in their programs when she is a senior next year. Watch for her...she is very interested.



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