Sunday, February 3, 2008

Miss Maple City Results

Miss Maple City ($1000): Heather Wells

1st Runner-up ($250): Katie Wolford
2nd Runner-up ($150): Jillian Dansko
3rd Runner-up ($100): Ashley Hartman

Interview ($75): Katie Wolford
Talent ($50): Marisa Buchheit
Swimsuit ($25): Amanda Culp
Spirit Award ($25): Amanda Culp


  1. thanks for the pics Abby, I appreciate them.


  2. Roberta looks great with the new "do"! Did she and Lauren Nelson have their haircut together right after the pageant? ;) I would have loved to have seen her sport this "do" at Miss A.

  3. Roberta spoke about the Reality Check and Miss America- she honestly had a great time. At the make over though, they didn't say much about her make up and merely gave her a trim and slight color.

    She gave herself this haircut after she returned; she agrees with you- she wishes she had it at Miss America!



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