Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red Carpet Style: 2008 Academy Awards

It’s no longer about sweetheart necklines and 50 pounds of beading! I *hope* pageant trends follow the suggestions of Miss America Reality Check and competitive evening gowns start to look more like what is seen on Hollywood red carpets.

As I watch the Oscars tonight, I’m seeing the following trends:

Ravishing Red
Black and other dark colors
Strapless or One-shoulder
Grecian drapery, flowers and feathers

Presenters Ann Hathaway and Miley Ray Cyrus.

Presenters Katherine Heigl and Helen Mirren.

The red gown worn by Heidi Klum on the right is part of the Red Dress Program. CLICK HERE to enter to win it; for each entry Diet Coke will give $1 to women's heart health awareness.

Presenter Jennifer Garner and nominee Ellen Page.

Nominee Laura Linney and presenter Penélope Cruz.

Winner Tilda Swinton and nominee and presenter Amy Adams .

Presenter Hilary Swank.

A few pale gowns were seen, but there wasn't much color. Note, the silver, white and pink gowns below are all strapless.

Presenters Cameron Diaz and Kari Russell.

Keisha Whitaker and presenter Renée Zellweger.

Though this may compromise your chances for the crown, purple and pregnant also seems to be a trend!

Nominee and presenter Cate Blanchett
and presenter Jessica Alba.

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  1. I LOVE Heidi's gown but don't care much for the others.


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