Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be sure to check out the For-Sale Pageant Wear!

Several pageant women are cleaning out their closets, myself included. Here are some sample pictures and links to the albums. Almost all the ladies who sent me links said their sale was a work in progress, so check back periodically, items my be added; the list of links is also located in my sidebar.

I have several dresses that I'm willing to part with that would be appropriate for evening gown competition, talent and appearances, as well as a couple business suits. Click here for my album.

Former Miss Ohio Valley, Carissa C., is selling a couple dance costumes and gowns, including the stunning gold beaded competition gown on the left!

A recent Miss Ohio is parting with some of her gowns and several appearance/party dresses. Click here to view her wears.

If you like Jenny K.'s stuff, act fast! She's advertised her site on a national message board and gotten thousand of hits. She was a Top 5 finalist at Miss Ohio who is selling several quality gowns.

Most of you probably know Jillian D., a very successful Miss Ohio contestant. She has aged out and has two great state-level dance costumes for sale, as well as a suit and several beautiful gowns including the Jovani on the right.

Laura P.
is a contestant headed to Miss Virginia for a second time. She's selling the competition gown that she wore in the Top 10 last year, as well as has two beautiful ballgowns that would be great for a teen, National American Miss or American Co-ed contestant. Laura also has a versatile black and white Tony Bowls!

If you would like to add or remove a link to my for-sale list, email


  1. I'm also willing to sell my Miss Virginia competition gown from last year if anyone thinks they have the right coloring for it... I'll post a link soon! I sold most of my gowns on pageant resale, luckily, but thanks for putting the link up!

  2. Hey Abby,

    I know Erin has a lot of her competition wardrobe and I would love to get it out of my closets. I will get her to send a link to you soon. I will be at Miss Maple City and I can email you pictures when we get home.

    Jenny Jeffery

  3. Great, thanks Jenny!

    Starting a blog or making a public album on Facebook are both pretty quick and easy.

    I can't wait to hear how Maple City goes, there are a lot of quality contestants! Of course, people are trying to speculate, but I think it could be anyone's crown, especially since it's been at least two months since any of them have competed. Who knows what improvements have been made!



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