Monday, February 16, 2009


I finally updated my blog list with a live link option. This means the list reorganizes itself each time the blogger publishes a new post, putting the most recently updated blog at the top.*

If you'd like to save a click by not visiting here unless I've updated, here are your options:

You can "subscribe" to this blog and updates will be posted on your homepage of google, bloglines, netvibes, newsgator or yahoo. If you don't have accounts with any of those services, try the last choice on the subscription dropdown menu. It is labeled "atom" and has the RSS icon seen above; it adds this blog to your favorites menu. Then before you click on this link once it's in your favorites, you can hover over it and the title of the latest post will appear. Of course, that means you'd have to have a decent memory...

Another option is becoming a "follower," which is a name blogger came up with, not me. Following a blog is a way of expressing your fandom and when you log onto your own blogger account, you see updates for other blogs you follow on your dashboard. (Dashboard means homepage in blogger talk and they call the various elements in the sidebar "gadgets!)

For the time being, I've moved the lists and gadgets I just mentioned up to the top of the sidebar.

*Note, the Miss USA/Universe blogs format won't show updates on blogger.

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  1. Hey Abby, Starkeisha here, did you recieve the e-mail I sent you?


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