Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More from National Pancake Day: Miss Fallen Timber's Outstanding Teen

*Scroll below for pictures of Miss Ohio, Karissa Martin and Miss Fallen Timbers, Becky Minger at National Pancake Day,
as well as my thoughts about this and other events.*

Yesterday in Lakewood Miss Fallen Timber's Outstanding Teen, Sarah Eash, visited an IHOP to raise money for CMN.While there, Sarah met a true CMN Miracle; this young man was born premature in at University Hospital. He has had ongoing medical treatment, including tubes in his sides for kidney problems, which were just removed! Stating that CMN saved his life, he purchased a paper balloon.
Finally, here is Sarah with the manager.
On the National Message Board comments were made about being sick of hearing about IHOP and I'm sure some of you are wondering why I've taken it upon myself to push National Pancake Day...

As I've stated before, I think the CMN donation contestants are required to make to compete at every level is nothing more than an entry fee, which negates one of the (former) distinguishing characteristics of this pageant system. However, I think CMN is a great organization and I do feel it's good to have a national platform in place so the new Miss America automatically has nationwide charity appearances and notoriety.

Why have I pushed National Pancake Day? Well, Ohio isn't exactly pageant country. I know from experience that no one is knocking down Miss' doors for non-platform appearances; titleholders and EDs have to go out and find events! The trouble is, you have to have time and connections, which I totally understand are hard to come by. When I was the Face of FOX Toledo, every event I attended made me say, "a pageant woman could/should be doing this!" The difference was expertise and exposure - my boss, who scheduled things, was the PR manager for the TV station and people wanted "the girl from TV" at their functions and news coverage I might (but usually didn't) bring.

To build experience and promote the program, I think it's critical that local titleholders actually do events. Thus, National Pancake Day excited me because it required virtually no effort and there's a built in reason for why some chick in a crown was wondering around a restaurant! All you had to do was call and show up at an IHOP! I think the national or state organization should have sent each local a fill-in-the-blanks press release to send out to their local IHOP and news sources, but since that doesn't seem to happen, it's up to local EDs and titleholders. The past three years National Pancake Day has been on Mardi Gras; so mark your calendars now, it's February 16 in 2010.

While I was the Face of FOX Toledo, I attended a lot of things that I would have not otherwise heard of - in addition to lots of appearances at specific charity events, I emceed and rode in festival parades, emceed and judged community pageants, I participated in a "Celebrity Containers" thing, basically planting flowers on stage at a home show, I sang the national anthem at a Monster Truck rally (not my favorite of events...), I drew the winners of a big radio station give-away, I gave out awards at school assemblies, among other things... So, my advice to titleholders, EDs and parents is to pay attention to what's going on in your community! Listen to the radio and read newspapers and websites for upcoming planning meetings and events, make calls to introduce yourself and get involved. Every time something pageant-related happens on TV, get on a morning radio show to weigh in and if there's a parade, festival or community pageant in your area, you'd better be part of it! When you see something after the fact that makes you say "I shoulda..." make a note and mark your calendar so you don't miss it next year.

I understand high school and college women are extremely busy but I also know that being involved will enhance your speaking skills and understanding of what it means to be Miss State and Miss America! If you don't value that understanding, I don't know why you're competing or serving as an ED...

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