Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The pageant world never ceases to amaze me...

A reigning local titleholder, Texas' Julia Anderson bested two muscle men to win ABC's True Beauty! I was ecstatic; she was not only my pick from the beginning, they pretty much had to give it to her because had the best record on the show. I am shocked, however, that there is very minimal talk about it on pageant message boards. I thought more people would be excited that a pageant woman was put in such a good light on national TV. I also expected a good deal of criticism toward her because in the final episode she participated in a topless photo shoot, covering herself with her arms; she also spoke about resigning her Teen Texas title for a public intoxication citation.

Whether in support or disapproval, I am shocked that there isn't more buzz around her win. The climate of pageant communities never ceases to amaze me! People will argue for days on end about the shade of a gown or how the birth control pill works, but when a local title emerges victorious after eight weeks on a reality show, there's nothing?!?!

Even more disappointing to me than how anonymous message boards react is how the national organization operates. It's been nearly 48 hours since Miss America, Katie Stam, attended a charity party in LA for the Oscars and a photo has not surfaced. I think her attendance was a huge accomplishment; it was the perfect combination of a high profile event that was still recognizable to mainstream audiences. I'm sure many of you thought, as I did, that this is the kind of event Miss America should be attending! Why, oh why can't a photo be released in a timely manner? We know photographers were everywhere! With Hollywood's finest out in force, I'm not surprised that she wasn't featured in the glam.com album, or any others, but I fail to understand why the MAO get a copy of a photo to circulate themselves!

Yesterday the organization did issue a tune-in alert regarding National Pancake Day. It featured a photo of Katie which was taken at an IHOP this fall while the contestants were in LA filming Countdown to the Crown. My problem with it, seen on the right, is that not only is it a generally unflattering picture of her, she's wearing her state crown (because she was still Miss Indiana at the time) with a Miss America sash. My guess is that all the ladies were taking pictures with the national sash for fun. Regardless, I think was tacky and unnecessary to include it.


  1. honestly I think they photoshopped the Miss America logo over her Miss IN sash.

  2. Ugh! Either way I think it was stupid. Most of the tune-in alert emails don't have a picture, so if it was photo shopped, they should have spent that time publishing her Oscar party picture somewhere!


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