Wednesday, February 11, 2009

REALity Beauties

Oops, I forgot someone! [Edited 8:15 p.m.]

American Idol

Arianna Afsar was Miss Californian's Outstanding Teen in 2005. She became First Runner-up to Megan Miller at the first Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant. Click here for her American Idol audition, where all four judges voted her through, and here for several other clips of her singing.

Miss Mississippi's 2007 Outstanding Teen, Jasmine Murray was also unanimously voted to Hollywood by the judges; click here for her audition. Her group was featured in the group challenge, calling themselves "divas" and chocking on their own drama. Jasmine was the only of the four to survive.

Tune into FOX right now to see if they make the Top 36!

True Beauty

As if The Bachelor isn't enough of a guilty pleasure, ABC is also airing a reality show called True Beauty on Monday nights. Hosted by former Miss Teen USA, Vanessa Minnillo, the competition secretly judges it's co-ed contestants' inner beauty. Miss Teen Texas 2002 and reigning Miss Grapevine, Julia Anderson, is one of the final four of ten. She has never been up for elimination and I don't think she's failed a single challenge. I may be bias, but the attitude the editors have shown from her is exactly what the judges and this competition is look for. I mean, her fellow competitors have made fun of her for saying thank you too much! And does anyone else think she looks like Monica Day (Boggs), former Miss Ohio (America) contestant and Miss Ohio USA 2008?


I love Survivor and am really excited for the new season, which premiers tomorrow night on CBS. Once again the cast includes a former beauty queen, Miss Ohio USA 2003, Candace Smith. Although she has a law degree, she has gone on to be a model and actress in LA; she is currently seen in advertisements for P Diddy's Ciroc Vodka. She has been seen on the TV shows Friday Night Lights, Entourage and the short lived Joey. Many pageant fans were critical of the sex scene her character had in the comedy Beerfest. Click here for her Survivor "meet the contestants" video.

Also, there is a note from a casting director floating around the national pageant message boards. It is supposedly The Tyra Banks Show looking for women to speak about their pageant experiences. Most pageant fans are reacting with caution, as Tyra is known to not like pageantry. Kind of ironic coming from a model...

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  1. I honestly was hoping Billy the vitamin salesman would win, but still, Julia is undeniably gorgeous (inside and out of course)


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