Sunday, February 8, 2009

Congrats to the New Miss Maple City, Ashleigh Lemon!

Miss Maple City: Ashleigh Lemon

1st Runner-up: Jackie Jerlecki
2nd Runner-up: Hollie Hongosh
3rd Runner-up: Ashley Warholic

Talent: Hollie Hongosh
Swimsuit: Courtney Monk
Spirit: Marisa Bucheit

I don't think I've actually met Ashleigh, but I'm very happy for her! It's a shame that Miss Southestern Ohio no longer goes on to Miss Ohio, so I feel like she's getting the opportunity she should have had with that title.

The photos in this entry are from Heather Wells and Ashley Warholic, two women after my heart for posting them so quickly!

Above: outgoing Miss Maple City, Heather Wells, has fun back stage with contestants Krystle Formosa, Emily Pheils and 3rd Runner-up Ashley Warholic.

Above left: Heather with E.D. Dolly Ruffing; right: Heather with the super cute Miss Fallen Timbers Teen, Sarah Eash.

Left: Roberta Camp, who won Miss Ohio as Miss Maple City, outgoing Miss Maple City Heather Wells and former titleholder Jillian Dansko.

Right: Contestants Jessica Nelson and Ashley Warholic

Left: Roberta with Ashley

Below: Roberta and Heather

Additional photos are on Heather's blog and I'm sure more contestants will share their shots over the next few days.

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