Friday, December 28, 2007

Best of Luck to the Miss Southeastern Ohio Pageant!

Although Miss Southeastern Ohio is no longer a local preliminary to Miss Ohio, it is still an excellent scholarship and leadership opportunity for young women in the Zanesville area.

CLICK HERE to view the fifteen contestants vying for the title tomorrow night, which include several returnees!

From both 2006 and 2007: Amelia Vincent (4th RU in '07), Megan Earley and Courtney Wallace (also an MOA contestant).
From 2007: Jessica Myers, Kylie Johnson, Kirsten Grandstaff and Renae Wright (Teen participant).
From 2006: Summer Sands (Gown winner) and Lawren Kayulich.

The first year contestants are: Marissa Mills, Ashley Heuberger, Melissa Miser, Megan Wise, Tiffany Furbee and Meghan Huston. Many of these new names sound very familiar, but I can't figure out why! Specifically Ashley Heuberger and Tiffany Furbee; leave a comment if you can connect the dots for me.

So many returning contestants is one of many indicators of how great this program is. According to this article by Jacqueline Sprague it's also becoming quite a community tradition:

A local tradition continues this weekend in downtown Zanesville.The Miss Southeastern Ohio Pageant will take place this Saturday at Secrest Auditorium.The 15 contestants are busy preparing for the big day and organizers say this year's participants are very diverse.

“I think what's especially important and special about this particular group of contestants is its a very unique blend, all of them have a variety of educational backgrounds, stage experience, their talents are all different,” explains director Vicki LeVeck.

LeVeck says everyone will be able to enjoy this year's show because there is a wide variety of entertainment.

“What the audience is in store for is more than just a pageant. We actually have some great entertainment coming along as well, Mic Amicone, of course a local entertainer, Y-City Star Shelly Bobo, the Solid Gold singers and dancers will all be there as well,” says LeVeck.

The pageant will take place this Saturday at 7 P.M. at Secrest Auditorium. Tickets are $12 at the door and $10 in advance. You can purchase tickets at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Welcome Center, Wade's Clothing and Jillian's.


  1. Abby,
    I think Ashley Heuberger competed several years ago in a few MAO locals. She is short and very nice, but that is all I remember about her. One year when you and April were at Miss Ohio, she was in a chicken costume or something like that at the Mansfield mall when you were doing check in. She was working for the mall I believe. April's Mom

  2. Ashley Heuberger competed in the MOSP for a few years. Has not returned in a while from what I see.

  3. Well...I'm not sure why my name sounds so familiar (Tiffany Furbee). It is very possible that I have met you before....hmmm now i'm curious. haha.


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