Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter FINALLY Came!.. and gave me a reason to share these!

Last weekend we certainly did not get the 16 inches of snow that was called for, but there was more than enough winter weather to close schools and give me some beautiful scenes to photograph!
Click each to enlarge... it's worth it!

[Niki loves to run and romp in the snow! Check out the photo below on the right- she's flying! She also likes to catch and eat snowballs!]

I realize she looks intimidating in the photos above, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Niki is the sweetest dog I've ever met... see on the right...

[Below left, a junco, otherwise known as a "snowbird!"
Right, some frosty finches.]

[I was elated that the cold weather brought the beautiful red-bellied woodpecker above! Left, our state bird, the cardinal.]

Here are some more of my photos from this summer and fall that I am rather proud of...

[Above left, feasting and flying finches, and right, my cat fuzzy is fixated on a hummingbird. Below a chickadee and grasshopper pose for me.]

[Above left, a nuthatch... right, it steals a nut! Below left, bluejays always look mean... and on the right they prove they are!]

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