Thursday, December 6, 2007

Roberta Featured in Pageant News Bureau

Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp, is featured in a Pageant News Bureau article. It draws an odd parallel to global warming; I can only assume Joe Whiteko wrote it during our bizarrely hot autumn.

America is stuck in the summer of 2007, even as the calendar shows us marching toward 2008. Global warming still has us in its insidious grip. Owww, that hurts!

But it's a lovely season to be stuck in. The summer of 2007 gave us the crowning of Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp, and she would be lovely even if the weather were cold. She's gonna knock 'em dead at Miss America.

She's from such a magnificent state, the Buckeye State. The people of Ohio are like people nowhere else. They're as warm as ... the Earth. And you know how warm that is. They gave us the old pageant welcome, and PNB will never be the same. (But don't eat the buckeyes.)

Ms. Camp's platform had a special appeal for us. "Change Our World -- Build Character" is how she sums it up. We like the concept. It's ambitious. If only she would change it just a little bit.

Here's a suggestion: "Change Our World -- Cool It Back Down." That would really knock 'em dead.

CLICK HERE for the PNB page, which is full of pictures.

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