Thursday, December 6, 2007

Miss California Controversy

Last weekend Christina Silva was crowned Miss California. Pageant fans, who had called this year’s pageant extremely competitive, were shocked at Silva’s win, to be blunt. A few days later a tabulation error was revealed and original Second Runner-up Raquel Beezley was given the crown.

Left: Christina Silva

Right: Raquel Beezley with outgoing Miss California USA Megan Tandy.

Click below for videos and news stories:

For a great ABC News article and video with an interview with Christina Silva (in the top right corner)

Now Silva says she just wants justice. "I don't want the title. I want the truth."

CLICK HERE for an interview with Raquel Beezley on FOX and Friends (ugh! I hate linking FOX News!)

Photos from the pageant: Raquel Beezley, Christina Silva and others.

Several more articles can be found HERE.

It is my understanding that each judge fills out a ballot to determine how the Top 5 place; they write all five women’s names down next to the place they feel the woman deserves. Then the auditors assign the following scores: 5 points for each Miss vote, 2 points for 1st Runner-up, 1 point for 2nd Runner-up, a half a point for 3rd Runner-up and no points for 4th Runner-up.

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