Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pageant Press: Miss Maumee Valley, Miss All*American City and Miss Fallen Timbers

After Wagener's pageant I tried to work some PR magic...

Over a week ago a story ran in the
Maumee Mirror, but their website isn't very involved and I didn't get a chance to grab a hard copy.

It's the monthly spotlight in Toledo's women's newspaper,

The Toledo Free Press ran a short blurb.

Finally, thanks to the Miss Mansfield folks (I assume), a wonderful article ran in the Mansfield News Journal about Emily Cousino:
Miss Mansfield: Her heart's in Ohio and working fine after surgery

Emily Cousino can get as excited as she wants today in Michigan Stadium, where she will root for the Ohio State
Buckeyes. She won't have to worry about her heart missing a beat.

Cousino, 23, Miss Mansfield, received a new pacemaker and a defibrillator -- all in one -- during surgery Oct. 1 to combat genetic heart disease...A resident of Ottawa Lake, Mich., just across the state line from Toledo, Cousino considers herself a Buckeye. She works as a dental assistant in Toldeo and goes to college there.

Cousino competed as Miss Mansfield in this year's Miss Ohio Scholarship Program. In 2008 she will enter the summer pageant as Miss Fallen Timbers, a title she won this month in the Toledo area.

Click above for the complete article.

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