Thursday, December 27, 2007

Miss Ohio Update: Roberta Goes Back to "Blessed" and was Honored by Ohio's House with a Resolution!

It seemed that everyone had a strong opinion on whether Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp, should change her talent selection for Miss America.
Well, those of you who were “pro-Blessed” can let out a cheer!

Rumor has it that seven Miss America contestants were recently told to change their talents; while I don’t know if that number is correct, it is confirmed that TLC was not able to get a release from the group Journey for Roberta to sing “Open Arms.” She will be going back to the song that won her a talent preliminary award and the title Miss Ohio, “Blessed.”

Roberta says, “As much as I was looking forward to "rocking it out" on the Miss America stage...I know this song [“Blessed”] like the back of my hand. So my nerves will be a little less out-of-whack!"

Also, Roberta was honored on December 12th by Representative Larry Wolpert and Speaker Jon Husted at Ohio’s House of Representatives; she received a Resolution for the accomplishment of being crowned Miss Ohio 2007. Roberta even got a laugh, from what I assume to be a very tough crowd, by saying she would love to see Ohio bring back two titles in January- the BCS National championship (college football) and Miss America!

CLICK HERE for a video clip of the presentation!

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