Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pageant Reality Run-Down!

Best of luck to Survivor China's Amanda Kimmel! She won Miss Montana USA 2004 after placing in two previous attempts. Though Amanda did not place at Miss USA, she went on to represent the US at Miss Earth where she was in the Top 8. [On the left she's crowned Miss Montana USA; below she wins all important Survivor immunity. Which do you think meant more to her!?]

Thanks to a wise alliance Amanda is one of the final four on Survivor, having made minimal enemies. While she says “like” way to much when she actually speaks, I am pulling for Amanda! I think the jury will definitely vote for her over Todd or Courtney, but she and Denise need to be careful, or they’re going to get backstabbed! The Survivor China finale is this Sunday at 8 p.m.

Known for shocking shows, the FOX network has outdone itself with The Moment of Truth, a new game show in which contestants are strapped to a polygraph and asked personal and social questions. Check out the commercial below featuring former Miss Ohio and Miss California contestant, Christie Youssef. She's wearing the same orange dress she signed into Miss Ohio in and saying "now I'm nervous."

Tori Hall was Miss Virginia Teen USA back in 2005; she placed in the Top 10 at Miss Teen USA, then went on to MTV’s Road Rules 2007: The Viewer’s Revenge. This fall Tori won Miss Virginia USA and is headed to Miss USA 2008. However, rumor has it she has also signed on to do Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 3. Some pageant fans are wondering, should she be allowed to do both?

Claudia Jordan, otherwise known as Case #1 on NBC's Deal or No Deal, represented Rhode Island at both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA.

And, no, I've not forgotten about CW's new reality show Crowned... my analysis of that train wreck is coming soon. For now, I need to get to the grocery, in case we actually get the 16 inches of snow they’re calling for in the next day!

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