Friday, December 7, 2007

Pageant Poll: Tabulation Errors


Obviously what’s happening in California is awful for everyone involved. Can you imagine being crowned, and then told that a human tabulation error was made and you weren’t really the winner? On the other hand, the woman with the most points is supposed to win, and yes, contestants and fans alike often question if a mistake was made!
How do you think it should be handled?

Edit- 12.8.07

Wow! What a close poll. Thank you all so much for voting! It makes me wonder though, are these your opinions of how a tabulation error should be handled, or your opinions based on these ladies personalities? My first thought, as I wrote above, is that the rightful winner should have the crown, however, based on the interviews I've seen from Christina Silva and Raquel Beezely, I find Christina much more articulate and I think she would be a better titleholder. I usually vote in my polls, but I haven't in this one. I'm torn!

How did you interpret this poll and what affected your vote?


  1. If auditors are paid to certify the results then whoever is announced at the crowning moment is the winner. If a mistake is made it should never be known. Otherwise all decisions will be second guessed and recalls will always be asked for. What if there was an error in choosing the top 15 or top 5 and the wrong girl makes it to the next round or even wins the title? In this case what we don't know won't hurt us. Who knows we could even have the wrong Miss USA or Miss America walking around.

  2. That's a great point! I wish my poll would have included the option "it should never have been made public."

    Thanks for the comment!



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