Saturday, December 22, 2007

SPOILER ALERT: Reality Check Results Revealed?

TLC’s Miss America: Reality Check is essentially a pre-competition for all the Miss States. The recent synopsis tells us:

…the advisory board will award an amazing prize package to the top three girls who embraced the changes and truly capture the look, attitude and personality of the new Miss America. These girls are the ones to watch at the finale.

Several photos were also released and some fans wonder if TLC has accidentally let the cat out of the bag! The photo below seems to be some sort of judging or awards ceremony and three women seem to be standing apart from the rest. Were they just lucky to be placed in the front, or are they the winners of Reality Check? Only time will tell.

The front three contestants in the photo above are Miss Virginia Hannah Martine Kiefer, Miss Illinois Ashley Nicole Hatfield and Miss South Carolina Crystal Alicia Garrett.

What do you make of this photo? LEAVE COMMENTS!

On a side note, last year Miss Arkansas, Miss Delaware and Miss Colorado won CMT’s Pageant School and none of them made the Top 10 or won preliminary awards at Miss America.

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