Friday, December 14, 2007

Breaking Pageant News!

Tune into Entertainment Tonight NOW for a special Miss America Announcement.

I'm headed to a 7:30 movie, but rumor has it the announcement will be that ET's Mark Steines will be hosting the finale of Miss America.

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  1. Okay, so the rumor was true and Mark Steines is hosting the Miss America finale. As posted on here with the new broadcast format, the prelims will be hosted by former Miss Americas.

    On a random note, I went to see "I Am Legend" last night (the new Will Smith movie) with a few friends. I love him, but did not enjoy the movie. I'm extremely jumpy and don't like being scared, and while it's not a “scary movie,” I did not like the intense scenes and the amount of times things jumped out. Nor could I look at the “bad guys” because I can’t stand having images like that stuck in my mind. At several points the plot does not go how you would think it would… While we weren’t crazy about the end, it proved to be a thought provoking, conversation causing movie. Thank you Jeff for the tickets!



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