Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christie's Moment of Truth

Last night as I flipped channels after Crowned I happened to find The Moment of Truth, a new FOX game show. Former Miss California and Miss Ohio finalist Christie Youssef was on the show.

How does it work? Prior to the show the contestants are given a polygraph test; then they’re asked the questions again in front of cameras, family members and a studio audience. If they answer truthfully they move on and earn money.

I personally don’t like the show, specifically I didn’t enjoy the way the contestants were obviously asked to pause and create tension before they answered.

Never mind my opinions on the show, here’s what Christie was asked, and how she answered:

Did you ever cheat on a college exam? No.

Have you ever stolen money from your parents? No.

Do you think you’re better looking than your sister [Melissa]? Yes.
(Christie’s sister is, in my opinion, prettier. Since she’s younger, she should also do pageants.)

Do you believe your mother is overweight? Yes. (Her mom laughs, “This is the easiest question ever.”)

Would you be upset if your younger sister got married before you? Yes.

Do you plan on being a virgin on your wedding night? Yes.

At this point, she won $10,000!

Are you more comfortable around friends that you know are not as attractive as you? Yes.

Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure to enhance your looks? Yes.
(She was not asked what procedure and she did not volunteer the information.)

Have you ever been upset by your sister Melissa winning a pageant? Yes (She described an experience in which they competed together and Melissa won and she did not even place.... I guess that makes my suggestion of her sister doing pageants void.)

Miss California 2006 Jacquelynne Fontaine came onstage and asked: Have you ever tried to sabbatoge another pageant contestant?

And with that the show is over! Tune in next Wednesday at 9 p.m. to see how she answers that question and how much money she ultimately wins. How interesting- all we've heard lately is that that pageants aren't relevant, yet that is was this show used as their big cliff hanger!

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  1. that last question is a doozy. i wish i saw the result!


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