Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISSY Awards: Most Entertaining RESULTS!

I nominated the following women who performed upbeat, flirty and fun talents for the Most Entertaining award: Amber Bussa, Anna Reis, Courtney Monk, Heather Wells, Katie Bowen and Katie Camp. I want to apologize for an oversight I made; after the poll had already been up for several days, I realized Sarah Hider should have also been nominated in this category.

65 of you voted and honorable mention goes to Courtney Monk with 13.8%. The top 3 were neck-and-neck, but one woman eventually pulled ahead...

Third place and 20% is Katie Camp, whose energetic tap was also awarded with a Preliminary Talent Award.

Second place goes to another sassy dancer, Heather Wells, who won a Non-semifinalist Talent Award. She had 21.5% of the vote.

And the Missy for Most Entertaining Talent goes to...

Amber Bussa!

30.7% of you thought her rendition of "Roxie" was the most entertaining. As someone who previously sang a song from the show Chicago, I questioned how she would make it work, but work-it she most certainly did!

She also gets the Stuck-in-my-Head Missy! I have been humming "Roxie" since I left Mansfield, which is a great trait when assessing likability and entertainment value!

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