Saturday, August 7, 2010

Congrats to the New Miss WCO, Cayla Hellwarth, Miss LSF, Elissa McCracken and Miss CL, Shannon O'Neill!

Miss West Central Ohio: Cayla Hellwarth
Miss Lima Square Fair: Elissa McCracken
Miss Crystal Lake: Shannon O'Neill

1st Runner-up: Kara Schoenhofer
2nd Runner-up: Jena Swiegart

Interview: Shannon O'Neill
Talent: Cayla Hellwarth
Swimsuit: Shannon O'Neill

People's Choice: Mindy Fetzer

[Above left to right: Miss Ohio Becky Minger, 2nd RU Jena Swiegart, Miss LSF Elissa McCracken, Miss CL Shannon O'Neill, former Miss America Kirsten Haglund, Miss WCO Cayla Hellwarth, 1st RU
Kara Schoenhofer and outgoing Miss WCO Katie Bowen.]

Miss Fallen Timbers, Courtney Monk was the first to get pictures on the web, but the ones shared here are from Bryce Bishop, second in speed but number one in quality thanks to his big fancy camera!

For MORE PICTURES of visiting titleholders, visit my new companion blog: MISScellanea Press & Pics. CLICK HERE!!!

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  1. Thanks for noticing my pics! :) Haha I totally understand why you chose Bryce's. Great photos!

    -Courtney M.


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