Friday, August 6, 2010

Best of Luck to the Miss North Coast Program!

Saturday at the Brunswick High School Performing Arts Center a new Miss North Coast will be crowned! The outgoing titleholder is Sarah Hider, the first Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen to make it to state in the Miss competition. I had this vocalist on my Top 10 list for Miss Ohio 2010; her experience was evident. While I was wrong, the blond beauty did earn a Community Service Award.

The pageant begins at 7 p.m.; Sarah will crown one of the following young ladies:

Elizabeth Wong
Education: Oberlin College / Pre-law
Talent: Dance
Platform: Cardio On The Court: Cardiac Awareness
Pageant Past: Competed at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Huron County.

Rebecca Ribley
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Raising Awareness of Hunger in America
Pageant Past: Recently 3rd RU at Miss GC/CC; second year of local competition.

Ashley Lundy
Education: Youngstown State University
Pageant Past:

Christina Muha
Education: University of Toledo / Nursing
Talent: French Horn
Platform: Heart to Heart: Be Smart
Pageant Past: Has competed for a couple years, most recently at Miss GC/CC.

Ashleigh Jarzenski
Eduction: Ashland University / Broadcast & Political Science
Talent: Dance
Pageant Past: Competed at Miss GC/CC; experience in various community Queen pageants.

Chelsi Howman
Education: Ashland – Crestview High School
Talent: Banjo
Platform: “Stop Bullying Now: Take A Stand! Lend A Hand!”
Pageant Past: Competed at Ohio Teen USA and twice at Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen, this summer as Miss Mansfield's OT.

Allison Goodwin
Eduction: Ohio University
Pageant Past: 1st RU recently at Miss GC/CC.

Lauren Gessner
: University of South Alabama
Talent: Vocal
Pageant Past: Talent and Fitness awards and Top 8 at America's Jr. Miss in 2008 as Ohio's Jr Miss.

Jessica Nelson
Education: University of Toledo / Pre-Vet & Biology
Talent: Dance
Pageant Past: Has competed for a few years; 2nd RU recently at Miss GC/CC.

Education: Kent State University / Musical Theatre
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Make-A-Wish Foundation
Pageant Past: Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Cuyahoga County.

Priya Sharma
Education: Cleveland State / Health Sciences
Talent: Dance
Platform: Promoting Cancer Research & Awareness
Pageant Past: Competed last year in MOA locals.

Best of luck to everyone! Please leave comments with corrections and updates and email different, preferred headshots!

Also, I do not have a designated texter to send me all the results; if you're attending, email me and I'll give you my number!


  1. Hey Abby,

    My mom is willing to be the official "texter" so I'll just pass your number along to her!

    Also for some reason my link doesn't bring you to my blog. Just fyi!

    Thanks for everything,


  2. Thanks Meggie!

    I hate when blogger does that; there's no rhyme or reason, since links are always attached the same way...

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from your mom and GOOD LUCK! :)



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