Friday, August 27, 2010

TUNE-IN ALERT: Katie on "Say Yes to the Dress" in 30 minutes!

Several months ago former Miss Cuyhoga Valley, Katie Wolford, contacted me in need of some photos I had taken while she was competing. Of course I was happy to ablige, especially when I found out it was for one of my favorite guilty pleasure reality TV shows, "Say Yes to the Dress." It's odd, because I never plan on wedding and am positively baffled by what most modern nuptials have become, yet the multiple shows that follow the process are fascinating and undeniably entertaining. And honestly, what recovering beauty queen can resist a show about picking out a gown?! I mean... obviously! :)

I digress... Katie's episode airs TONIGHT on TLC at 9 p.m. I am excited that I have access to TLC HD, which will air the new episode at 6 p.m. my time, in LA, so I'll actually be able to watch live, unlike recent pageants! The last I heard, Katie is still debating if she'll be watching herself. She's discussed the decision on her blog and I totally understand how difficult it can be to see yourself on screen. Not to mention editing...

I should hope in this day in age that everyone realizes that EVERYTHING you see on television is edited and situations are manipulated by the producers, especially reality TV. Participants usually have no control; Katie wasn't even sure when her episode would air, let alone how she would be portrayed. So if you tune in, please be mindful that you're only seeing a fraction of what was actually filmed, done and said!

When the producers found out she had done pageants they were eager to put her on the show; she will certainly not be the first beauty queen to be featured and that is why they wanted photos of her competing. However, instead of the typical "she's had so many beautiful dresses in pageants, now she can't find the right bridal gown..." that we've seen on the show before, it seems Katie's episode is about her fiancé, Mike.

If you've watched the show, I'm sure you've noticed there's always a theme and a through-line running between the two or three featured brides... It's either about a pushy mom, or it's a bride that had some sort of hardship she's overcome or it's about the budget, etc. Editing, editing, editing!!!

Commercials for tonights episode focus on Mike, not Katie and the synopsis says the other featured bride's fiancé wants her "trying on a dress over her budget." It's a perfect storyline for the new Atlanta version of the show, where the traditional southern shoppe owner says she doesn't like fiancés at the appointment. The commercial even includes a voice over that makes it seem like they kick Mike out! It's pretty dramatic! Katie said she never heard anyone say that and it didn't happen. She's concerned that none of the sweet and supportive things Mike said during the gown shopping will be seen on tonights episode. No matter what, I'm sure Katie is going to look stunning on TV! Hopefully all the concerns are for nothing and they won't make Mike look like too much of a monster! We'll find out in about 30 minutes...!

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