Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog: Swimsuit

Trump voice-over leading into the commercial break: "bla, bla, bla, stay tuned, anything could happen..."

Loren, my beau: "Why doesn't he just come out and say one of their tops might fall off...?"

I don't know, dear, let's find out. Swimsuit!

Puerto Rico
- Perfect body; beautiful face; 8.443
Ukraine -Not loving the 80s flowy hair; 8.333
Mexico - Smoldering!! 8.265
Belgium - She reminds me of Cecili Weber, MOOT; 7.551
Ireland -LOVE HER! She reminds me of last years Miss Ohio USA, Natasha! 8.784
South Africa -Great Abs! Her face is more of a pretty actress than beauty queen. 8.229
France - She needs to brush her hair and slow down! 7.586
Australia - Super cute! She looks like a California beach babe! 8.543
Jamaica - Wow, long and lean, but odd facial expressions; 9.426
Russia - Hot, but a little boring. 7.843
Albania - Ba-ba- bouncy! 8.229
Columbia - I don't really get her... 7.6
Guatemala - Very cute, teenish; 8.071
Czech Republic -Okay, they're all starting to look the same... 7.429
Philippines -A little heavy on the metallic eye makeup. 8.957

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