Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog: Evening Gown

The swimsuit music was awful, lets hope John Legend and The Roots are better in Evening Gown! Aw, yes! You can't miss with a talented man an a baby grand!

Ireland - Aw, boo... I was hoping to see the sexy photoshoot gown, but she is STUNNING! The style is very 10 years ago, but she works it. 8.548
Albania - Hate the shoes! The gown's a little trampy and we've seen it before; 8.692
Philippines -Very beautiful! That's a lot of dress, but it's not wearing her; great job. 8.714
- Ew!!! Gaudy in teal! 8.884
Mexico - Stunning and classic! 8.913
Ukraine - She's old Hollywood glamor! I like the gown and presentation, but she doesn't have the face of Miss Universe. Mean but true. 8.743
Puerto Rico - This is a third gown; she should have stayed with the sparkly prelim gown. I don't mind it but Loren doesn't like it at all, "it's like a midget is following her!" 7.971
South Africa
- She's so pretty, but this looks like a cheap prom dress. 8.420
Guatemala - Oh, yuck! I hated this in pictures and didn't realize it was her... What's with the 1985 neckline? That's actually what Loren likes, but doesn't think she can walk in it. 8.286
- This is a bad play on Australia's last Miss U, Jen Hawkins. I think the iridescent pastels look cheap. 8.841

Overall, these gowns were disappointing.
Where was the Miss Universe envelope-pushing sexiness and/or major glamor? Even Loren said the gowns were weak this year...

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