Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISSY Awards: Favorite Awarded Talent RESULTS!

The judges awarded Alyssa Waldman, Cayla Hellwarth, Heather Wells, Katie Camp, Marisa Buchheit and Nanciann Strosnider for their outstanding talent presentations. I asked which of them was your favorite?

68 votes were cast and honorable mention goes to Katie Camp with 11.7%.

Third place and 14.7% is Nanciann Strosnider with her Preliminary Talent Award winning Broadway vocal.

Second place goes to Non-semifinalist Talent Award winner, dancer Heather Wells, with 23.5%.

And the Missy for Favorite of the Awarded Talents goes to...

Marisa Buchheit!
36.7% of the voters agreed with the Miss Ohio judges, who gave Marisa a Preliminary Talent Award as well as the Grand Talent award, meaning she was the highest scored of all the contestants in talent! She performed a beautiful rendition of the popular aria, "O mio babbino caro."

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