Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010: OFFICIAL TOP 5

Mexico * Australia * Jamaica * Ukraine * Philippines

I AM SO ANGRY!!! Ireland and Puerto Rico have two of the most gorgeous faces in the pageant! Ireland would have surely placed higher if she weren't first and PR should not have changed gowns... Honestly, how on earth did Jamaica get into the Top 5 with that hideous gown?! AHHHH!!!

Mexico - What effect is unsupervised internet use having on our youth? (from Evan L.) "... We must be very careful what our children watch and see... teach them family values..."

Australia - What role should a government play in determining the wearing of religious clothing? (from Nikki Taylor) She plugged the swimsuit designer and said we should all make our own choices...

Jamaica - Death penalty? "... ultimate creator, no one should take a life but god, bla, bla, bla..."

Ukraine - How do you feel about airport full-body scanners? (from Jayne Seymore) "... to avoid catastrophes... if it helps us save lives, I'm for it."

Philippines - What's one big mistake you've made and what did you do to make it right? (William Baldwin) She basically said, I'm perfect, thank you, thank you, thank you... Wow, what a horrible answer to an unfairly easy question. I scrunched up my face in shock and Loren said, "don't worry, she doesn't win." LOL! Thanks, babe!

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