Saturday, January 24, 2009

A closer look at Miss Ohio and the Prelim Winners

Best of luck to Miss Ohio, Karissa Martin!

There were no double prelim winners this year, so even more than normal, no one is a shoe-in to advance to the finals. I've read there are many strong, consistent women this year; thus, many fans feel some of the following women have won all they will win... What do you think?

Alpha Group Talent Winner, Miss Delaware, Galen Giaccone

Mu Group Talent winner, Miss Vermont, Ashley Ruth Wheeler

Sigma Group Talent winner, Miss Georgia, Chasity Hardman

Alpha Group Swimsuit winner, Miss New York, Leigh Taylor-Smith

Mu Group Swimsuit winner, Miss Mississippi, Christine Kozlowski

Sigma Group Swimsuit winner, Miss Indiana, Katie Stam

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