Monday, January 26, 2009

Photos and Videos and Stats... Oh My!

Miss America 2009, Indiana's Katie Stam!

Cute Contestant Intros

Who was your favorite?

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* Sigma group finalists: Miss America, Indiana; 1st RU, Georgia; 4th RU, Florida; Top 7 Tennessee; Top 10, Hawaii; Top 15, South Dakota

* Alpha group finalists: 2nd RU, Iowa; 3rd RU New York; Top 12 Kentucky; Top 15 Alabama; Top 15 Delaware

* Mu group finalists: Top 7, California; Top 10 Michigan; Top 12 Arkansas; Top 10, District of Columbia

* Miss Congeniality: Texas

* Non-finalist Talent Awards: Arizona, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Vermont

Miss America's Talent

Click here to watch Miss America 1995, Heather Whitestone dance to the same song Katie sang.


* From TLC's top 15 America "picked" Indiana, Georgia and South Dakota, who were the original Gold Sash winners on the reality show. The fourth pick, Alabama, was Anthony's "wildcard" pick from the final episode.

* TEN of the pageant's Top 15 were recognized by the Countdown to the Crown judges:

Iowa, South Dakota, Arkansas and Michigan were "wildcards" in the first three episodes. Georgia, Kentucky and Hawaii were runners-up, so to speak, to a Gold Sash in the first three episodes. Alabama, California and Iowa were "wildcards," hand-picked into TLC's top 15 in the fourth episode. And again, the original Gold Sash winners were Indiana, Georgia and South Dakota.

* As predicted, not all the prelim winners made the cut; swimsuit winner Mississippi and talent winner Vermont were sent to the elimination lounge. Swimsuit winners Indiana and New York made it to the Top 5, as did talent winner, Georgia. Talent winner, Delaware, made the Top 15.

* The past several Miss Americas have been prelim and/or QOL winners: Katie Stam: Swimsuit, Kirsten Haglund: Swimsuit, Lauren Nelson: Swimsuit & Quality of Life, Jennifer Berry: Talent; Deidre Downs: Quality of Life Award

The Joys and the Heartbreaks

The Crowning

Several of last years contestants, including Ohio's Roberta Camp, gathered in Las Vegas Friday night for a Class of 2008 Reunion and Hawaiian Tropics Event, Glam It Up!

A fond farewell to Miss America 2008, Kirsten Haglund. What is she doing next? Well, she's dating a camera guy she met while filming Countdown to the Crown and she'll be in the same state as me - either pursuing entertainment in Los Angeles or going back to school at the University of Cincinnati.

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