Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tonight : Preliminary Night Three of Miss America 2009

Tonight Karissa and the Alpha group will compete in Swimsuit and Evening Gown. I am excited to pass along the inside scoop about Karissa's gown from a very reliable source! Karissa purchased her gown in New York City; she described it to my source and shared that it is a Stephen Yearick. My source found the following picture on Facebook; it matches the brand and description and might be similar to the gown Karissa wears for the Evening Gown competition!

There are not many predictions about tonight's preliminary winners. Some fans feel Pennslyvania, a pianist, is the best of a rather weak talent flight.

The only chances of double preliminary winners this year are Delaware (a Talent winner who's competing in Swimsuit tonight) and Mississippi, who won Swimsuit last night and will present a jazz dance in Talent tonight.

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