Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Prelim Night Two Evening Gowns

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Below left: Mississippi; right: South Carolina

Below left: Oregon; right: Missouri

Below left: Maryland; right: Vermont

Below left: Connecticut; right: Alaska

Below left: District of Columbia; right: New Mexico

Below left: Texas; right: Rhode Island

Below left: Minnesota; right: Michigan

Below left: California; right: Pennsylvania

Left: Arkansas

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  1. The Sigma group was a huge let down, so I’m happy to see the Mu group brought a great deal more color and variety last night. That being said, I’m still going to be critical. After all, this is Miss America and I should hope these women asked “is this a gown worthy being crowned in?”

    Miss Mississippi is lovely; she has a beautiful face and since she won the preliminary Swimsuit award, she must have great stage presence. However, her gown style is nothing new.

    South Carolina’s gown doesn’t work for me at all. She already has a mature look about her and wearing a lace gown that doesn’t slim her only makes it worse.

    Oh Oregon! Every time this gown is seen, it’s either loved or hated. It’s often seen in the USA/Universe system; Anna Melomud was crowned Miss Ohio USA in a gold/brown version of this dress in 2006. It makes me role my eyes and say “Oh, not this dress again.”

    Miss Missouri looks lovely. The dress is fitted and classic.

    I like that Miss Maryland took a bit of a risk with the large beaded flower on her gown, but it is not very slimming.

    Miss Vermont’s gown is a “green dress,” not only in color, but in its eco-friendly materials. I think that’s a great cause, however the dress is simply not flattering in any way.

    I really love Miss Connecticut’s gown. The color is fantastic on her and with her haircut, the overall look is youthful and fresh.

    I think Miss Alaska was going for what Miss Georgia achieved. It’s a classic red strapless gown, but the bangs, necklaces and bright red lip make it look more like a prom or bridesmaid dress instead of a crown worthy gown.

    Miss DC is an absolute vision! I am not normally a fan of a fully beaded gown, but hers is gorgeous, with a sexy silhouette and despite being very ornate, I still see her. People always say they want to see red carpet gowns on pageant stages and this definitely fits that bill!

    I love Connecticut and DC’s gowns, but Miss New Mexico got my vote. The color is great and it’s somehow fun, fresh and elegant all at the same time.

    Miss Texas looks very classic and sophisticated; the color is beautiful but it’s almost too simple.

    Miss Rhode Island goes on my list with Oregon and South Dakota for wearing a gown we’ve already seen on the national level. It’s a lovely red velvet gown that is very flattering on her, but either Jennifer Berry or Lauren Nelson was seen in it a couple years ago while hosting a Miss America prelim (I think).

    Minnesota’s gown is a great color for her, but the bodice looks dated. I know the liquid beading is very popular right now, but something about the design on the bodice says 1985 pop star to me.

    I love the risk that Miss Michigan took! It may be too daring for some, but I like it. When Deidre Downs was crowned in her two-piece evening gown, I think the door was opened for looks like this.

    Much like Texas, Miss California looks classy, sophisticated and very simple.

    Miss Pennsylvania’s fully beaded brown gown does not work for me. Unlike DC, it has no depth, it’s just a very sparkly dress.

    Finally, Miss Arkansas uses her sex appeal in a silver liquid beaded gown. Clinton Kelley wouldn’t like it because it has a low v-neck and mirroring slit, but I think she makes it work. It’s a similar shape as the shocking gown of chains that Zuleyka Rivera won Miss Universe 2006 in, but it’s not as bad of a rip-off as others I’ve been complaining about. I think this was the same gown she won her state crown in and I can understand why she didn’t change it.

    Those are just my two cents...


  2. Whats up with Miss America's hair

  3. Yeah, I'm not loving it in the first picture either, but I think the curls are beautiful in the side-swept low ponytail during awards.


  4. I'm just confused, I thought Kirsten had short hair, where did all this hair come from!!

  5. Oh, gotchya...

    Fans have mentioned they're extensions; there's a picture on the Vegas Deluxe website from the inaugural ball two days ago and she still has the cute, short hair cut.

    Some have said she won't be wearing the extensions at the prelims tonight. I guess we'll see!


  6. Thats what I thought, thanks for all the Miss America info. Don't know what we would do with out our pageant reporter. Great job!!!


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