Friday, January 23, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Prelim Night Three Evening Gowns

* Scroll below for more photos of Prelim Night Three. *

Evening Gown

Please also check out different angles and better-lit photos at Getty's Images, then scroll below and vote for your favorite!

Below left: Maine; right: Virginia

Below left: New York; right: Alabama

Below left: Nevada; right: Washington

Below left: Nebraska; right: New Jersey

Below left: Delaware; right: West Virginia

Below left: Iowa; right: Kansas

Below left: Montana; right: Idaho

Below left: New Hampshire; right: Kentucky

Left: Miss Ohio
Karissa Martin

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  1. VA wardrobe is always my favorite...they must have an excellent prep team.

    I competed with Tara in PA a few years back and she's a great girl...if not Karissa...I'm pulling for this one!

  2. Hey Megan,

    I agree, VA always has a stellar wardrobe; I loved the black gown last years Miss VA wore.

    Anyway, Tara is a contestant that I'm pulling for too. I've also met her - she was at a training weekend for professional speaking engagements in high schools with Monster. Obviously if she could work for that company she can easily do pageant appearances and likely has a strong interview.


  3. I can't take my eyes off of NY and MA - they have rocking bodies, wardrobes and have the most beautiful faces!

  4. Virginia gets her wardrobe provided by a great place in NC... and Tara helped design this dress. Virginia has a GREAT prep team they put together to help with every phase of competition both with Hannah and Tara... I have every bit of faith that Tara is READY!

  5. Here are my thoughts on the Alpha group gowns…

    I don’t think there was a real standout in this group and (at this point in time) your votes in the poll support that. This group was not as bad as Tuesday night, but it’s full of gowns that are just okay; they’re not horrible, but nor are they crown-worthy.

    Miss Maine’s gown is very romantic, it reminds me of the “Titanic” style dresses I was obsessed with in high school after the movie came out! The color is nice and the print adds an edge, but she simply doesn’t have the IT factor for me, as someone else noted under a post about the reality show.

    Virginia looks lovely, especially in the Getty’s Image photo with the material flowing behind her, I also like the low cut back that you can see in the Julius T. album. That being said it’s not a home run for me. The details remind me of wedding dress appliqués and I really liked the red gown she won her state crown in.

    I can’t decide how I feel about New York’s gown. The bodice is a different take on an overdone style (that of Miss Mississippi’s gown); I generally like “different” but I don’t know if the satin bodice and beaded skirt really work together.

    Miss Alabama is classy and understated, but it doesn’t have the same effect as California or Texas, due in part to the lacking silhouette. The top reminds me of something Nicole Kidman would wear; I don’t hate it but it’s not spectacular.

    Miss Nevada is one of my least favorites. The material looks cheap and is puckering and the style is tired and boring. I feel like such a bitch saying this, but it really looks like a dress you’d see on the local level.

    Washington joins this years trend of white and sparkly. I like it much better than some of the others since it’s not entirely lace! It fits her like a glove and she seems to be radiating confidence.

    Nebraska’s gown is a gorgeous deep blue and she has a very pretty face. However, the thick satin skirt is just like a prom dress I had and very much a trend of the late 90s. The rhinestone “X” around her neck also strikes me as dated and distracting.

    I have the same reaction to New Jersey as I had to Pennsylvania – it’s just a very sparkly dress and I don’t see the woman in it. I don’t find it flattering to her figure either.

    Pageant fans immediately noticed that the bodice of Delaware’s’ gown is just like the one Jennifer Berry was crowned in. I am simply not a fan of these all lace gowns, but I do think Delaware pulls it off much better than South Carolina, thanks to the deep V and satin belt. I see the woman in the dress and I think she is lovely.

    West Virginia has received a few votes on the poll, which did surprise me. I thought the color was horrible; a brunette should wear brighter yellows. But as I look again, I guess maybe it’s gold…? The silhouette is really nice and the pattern is interesting without overwhelming her. Actually, the more I look at it, the more it grows on me as “crown worthy!”

    I love that Iowa is bringing back glamour with this classic ball gown-type look. When I see pictures from South American Universe pageants, it always makes me wish we’d wear full glamorous gowns here in the states. I like it, but since it’s so non-pageant, I fear she didn’t score well.

    I do like a risk taker, but Miss Kansas takes it to the next level! LOL! Her black satin strapless gown is classic and I like the concept she was going for, but... I think it could have worked with a few less beads or chains or whatever it is around her neck and somehow making them look richer. There was too much gold for me, making it look like they came out of a Cracker Jack box!

    Miss Montana is part of the light and sparkly club… It’s not as lovely as DC, Arkansas or Massachusetts, but not as bad as Pennsylvania or New Jersey (yes I realize theirs were dark in color). At least it has some depth and stone variation, but it is not slimming on her.

    Is Miss Idaho Mormon too? It doesn’t matter… This image makes me think of Laura Linney at an awards show. That is certainly a compliment in its own right, but also means she does not look like Miss America to me. I can not stand when people say constants look too mature, but in the case of this look (and Miss South Carolina), that is how I feel.

    Miss New Hampshire has received a handful of votes on my little poll, but I couldn’t possible vote for her based on principle! She is wearing a knock-off of Halle Berry’s Oscar gown from EIGHT YEARS AGO!!! A witty friend said South Dakota should be disqualified for wearing “the Shandi” and the same is true here!

    I really like Kentucky; I think she’s a “dark horse.” Her black sparkling halter gown is nothing new or special, but it’s a refreshing departure from all the light sparkly dresses. It fits her well, accentuate her tiny waist and I think she is pretty, charismatic and consistent.

    And finally, our dear, sweet Miss Ohio. Some people think that red heads shouldn’t wear certain colors including orange and I am glad she didn’t listen to that adage. Since her hair is not bright red I think this is a good color on her and she certainly stands out against the lack of color in evening gown this year. In theory the beaded empire waist should accentuate her smallest part and make her look tall (if you don’t believe me, ask Clinton Kelley). However, it’s not fully working; I think the beaded waist could be a bit higher or maybe the neckline needs to scoop lower or something... I do think she looks beautiful. I do like it and own a very similar gown in green, but I find it hard to believe that it was the best possible choice for Miss America.

    While there are similar comments on the message boards, no, I did not post them. I post my thoughts un-anonymously here!

    I've come to two conclusions - I used the word "lovely" too much and I should create a poll to determine the best of the light and sparkly! LOL!



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