Friday, January 23, 2009

"Countdown to the Crown" Stats - Episode Four

For once the teams got equal air time during the group challenges as they presented a talent showcase. Only a few women were featured during their make-overs; I didn’t keep track of them, but remember District of Columbia and Kansas.

As predicted, the green team won the group challenge and all received sashes, then the consultants, Kim and Anthony each gave two more wildcards, which basically worked as gold sashes.

The “finalists” were the first three sash winners: Indiana, Georgia and South Dakota; the remaining green team members: Delaware, Florida, Virgin Islands, Ohio, Texas, Hawaii, Idaho, Wisconsin; Kim’s wildcards: California and Iowa; Anthony's picks: Alabama and Kansas. These are the fifteen women from whom America will vote four into the Top 15 at Miss America.

[Above: The Countdown to the Crown finalists pose together in Las Vegas. Photo from Vegas Deluxe.]

Each of these women were given fifteen seconds to answer why they should be Miss America.

There were fewer individual interviews than the previous three episodes:

Idaho – 1
Texas – 1
Indiana – 2
Oklahoma – 1
Georgia - 1
Kansas – 2
Virgin Islands – 2
South Dakota – 3
Illinois – 1
Missouri – 3
District of Columbia - 5
Montana -3
California – 3
Mississippi – 1
New Jersey – 1
Alabama – 3
Iowa – 1
Hawaii -1
Florida – 1

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  1. Maybe I missed something, but why didn't Miss Ohio participate in the talent show with the green team? It showed her in the audience clapping after her team perfomed. Also, any ideas why some of the gold sash winners were not wearing their sashes at the end of the show when they were all standing up on stage?


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